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About the Author

I'm Andreas Molzer, fascinated with distributed systems and the mathematical foundation of machines. Outside of coding, you will find me tinkering with electricity and hardware and gardening. There's no better tomato than a home-grown one. I'm residing in Germany, which means a timezone CEST which is UTC+01 in winter and UTC+02 in summer. Reach me on Github, contact (at) hardmo.de, or shoot an e-mail to the address in one of my commits.

If you have a long-term position to fill, you might be interested in: https://filtra.io/filters/663d64522d04a6e129fc8ef1

My ethos, paradigms and Open Source Most of my projects are related to backends where I focus on clarity and conciseness. Besides experiments in programming languages, contributions to some open source projects have been made while I used them myself. The biggest so far to a library used in Mozilla's Firefox Quantum: image. My code fixed several bugs, added test infrastructure, and made several key performance improvements. It also spawned an all-new decoder for LZW weezl. The libraries I develop recreationally are almost always licensed as open source, mostly with the EUPL or MPL license or the usual permissive trifecta.
Good software helps us to ennoble ourselves, to fix what is broken in us; and to become the people we dream to be. Lies that told a deeper truth. […] -- Robert Ford
Projects yet to become? Over the years though I've gotten a little more cautious with releasing things too early. Generally, more libraries will stay private until a sufficiently good demonstration is available or the potential to positively affect the workflow of other developers is clear. A few things that may be brewing are:
  • A purely user space IO-ring implementation to abstract algorithms with fewer of the downsides of dynamically-linked libraries.
  • A rateless erasure protocol to harness the UDP-super powers in HTTP3 or a wireguard tunnel, and get multipath as a cherry on top for free.
  • A GPU focussed image processing library that should end the reign of terror of ImageMagick
In case you have an interested in funding and/or realizing these, *definitely* shoot me a message. Otherwise, they might or might not happen in the background.